Players Corner

If you are a fan of baseball and want to be a player, you have to enjoy running and getting Dirty (and learn a little math and science as Baseball relies on it)

We Hope you enjoy some of these resources and Play Ball! this link to listen to any game (or look up Stats) played since 1950!

Kids Ask Cal Ripken about Sportsmanship

Hear more from Cal at

  • Learn about the Fundamentals of Baseball from USA Baseball

How to Blow the perfect Bubble


Think you can hit a Major League Fastball ?

Click here to test your skills

 Why does a Curveball Curve ?

Does the Bat make a Difference…

Watch this PBS kids episode by Nick & Reed at the Science Place in Dallas and learn about “the Sweet Spot”  Click Here to see the Episode

The History behind Your Baseball Uniform

Check out Our Renegades starting a Rally at the Cal Ripken World Series…