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Frequently asked Questions

What equipment does my child need ?

At the T Ball, Pony and Farm level the focus of Spring Youth Baseball is getting the children to have some fun playing baseball, learning the Fundamentals, and developing their passion for Baseball.  With that in mind the only thing your child really needs is a Glove, Spring Youth Baseball can supply Bats, helmet and other equipment. if you want to review what to look for in a glove here is some information from one of our Sponsors Dicks Bat & Glove Guide.

For the new 2018 Bat standards click here

For 2018 spring will be flexible with bat standards

in our Recreational leagues.

As your child progresses to the minor and major levels if there expressing more of an interest, purchasing a bat, cleats and a helmet maybe something to consider.  These do not need to be expensive items, comfort and the right fit are key.  There is fairly recent baseball saying that a $300 bat doesn’t fix a 10 cent swing.   If you are interested in this for you child, we recommend talking with other parents, coaches and swinging lots of bats.  Here is a bat guide that can help you find the right fit for your Child  from Dicks

Should my child be playing  “Up” ?

The short answer is probably No,  as there has to be a special combination of physical and emotional factors.  we encourage you to read  this article with things to Consider regarding playing “Up”

Are we ready for Travel Baseball ?

If your interested in learning more about travel baseball email us at

Spring Youth Baseball takes a pragmatic approach to Travel Baseball.  For example we don’t believe a team of 10 year old’s needs to worry about being Nationally ranked, well because they are 10.   Spring Youth Baseball plays in the Empire State Baseball League (ESBL), which consists of local Travel teams from the Capital Region.  At the 8U-12U level it is the the most competitive, cost effective,  Baseball in the area.  The ESBL  consists of the other local Little League and Cal Ripken leagues of the Capital Region.   The Spring Youth Baseball Recreational Leagues lead to an “All Stars” Season which typically includes District, States and possibly Mid Atlantics and if everything breaks your way like it did for the 2017 12U team, a trip to the Cal Ripken World Series

We encourage you to talk with other Travel parents if your child is interested.  To Familiarize yourself with Travel Baseball we encourage you to read these articles on Travel Sports from ESPN and Mike Matheny of the St. Louis Cardinals.

 General Reading For Parents

Resources for Parents

  • Check Out these videos from Cal Ripken to get ready for the season Cal Ripken Instruction videos
  • Check out these videos and articles from to help you get ready and get through the season.
  • Check out “Pitch Smart” from MLB and USA Baseball for A series of practical, age-appropriate guidelines to help parents, players and coaches avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers.
  • Some  preseason exercises you can do with your child at Home