In Memory of Pat Kelley

Pat Kelly was a longtime Player and Coach at Spring Youth Baseball (then it was still Spring Little League).  Pat passed away in April of 2015. His wife Gayle made a generous donation, in Pat’s memory to Spring Youth Baseball.  The Families of Spring and its players are eternally grateful for this gift.

During Mr. Kelly’s Eulogy,  Roger a longtime assistant coach shared;

I remember one day during practice Pat was throwing BP & I was catching-after a while my legs got tired from squatting so we switched.   I Think I had thrown one or two pitches when the hitter fouled off a pitch hitting Pat square in the eye, Shattering his glasses…I had to drive him to the hospital. I think he got 15 stitches.   As I reflect back on this memory, it seemed symbolic to me of the character of Pat as a man.   He was always willing to step in for someone

Pat Kelly (left in Yankees Hat) Roger Boothroyd (right)